Online Lecture on «Intellect Sober, Intellect Drunk: Some Reflections on the Plotinian Ascent Narrative» by John Dillon

Within the framework of the Research Project “Between Athens & Alexandria. Platonism, 3rd-7th c. CE” (2022-2024) supported by the A. S. Onassis Foundation, the IMS-FORTH, in collaboration with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Center for Hellenistic Studies (ACHS), organizes a monthly online lecture series on late antique Neoplatonism (3rd-7th c. CE). 
The series hosts invited talks in English or French by leading scholars in the field. Lectures take place via Zoom on Mondays or Tuesdays at 7pm Athens & Alexandria. Prior registration is required.
The topic of the 2022 talks is “Alexandrian and Athenian Neoplatonism”, with a special focus on Plotinus (204/5-270) as well as on later Neoplatonic developments on, and criticisms to, Plotinus.
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Οn Tuesday Mar. 22, at 19:00 (Athens time) John Dillon (Trinity College Dublin) will give a lecture on «Intellect Sober, Intellect Drunk: Some Reflections on the Plotinian Ascent Narrative».

This paper seeks to examine, by a comparison of certain texts of Plotinus, notably key sections of Enn. VI 7, with a number of testimonies of near-death experiences (in particular, that of Dr Eben Alexander), as well as the evidence of other ‘natural mystics’ (as I argue that Plotinus was), just what personal experiences Plotinus is trying to fit into the Platonist system to which he is committed. The One as a source of light, as a conferrer of beauty on the intelligible world, and instiller of love in the individual beholder, is a key concept to which Plotinus is committed as a result of his experiences.

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