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So far, the research projects of the Department of Ancient and Byzantine World at IMS have focused on Modern Greek Literature. More specifically, research teams have attempted to fill basic gaps in the study of Modern Greek Literature (of the 19th and 20th century), by locating, reproducing and archiving primary material. The increase of documentation in these fields opens new perspectives in philological research, which have not, to date, attracted the interest they deserved. The results of these projects, whether completed or in progress, are expected to form the basis of a fruitful comparison between the Greek literary production and that of other European and Mediterranean peoples. To this end, seminars and workshops for students and the wider public have been organized.

IMS also plans to attract research projects in the fields of Ancient Greek and Byzantine Civilization, as well as to broaden the study of the civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean, by including also other disciplines, such as Egyptology. Its aim is to ultimately become a research pillar for a diachronic study of Mediterranean civilizations, from antiquity to the present. To this end, the IMS hopes to attract researchers who, through large-scale collective projects, will contribute to the study of Mediterranean civilizations, either single-focus or using a comparative approach, and to develop collaborations with Universities and research centers in Greece and abroad.



Melina Tamiolaki

Associate Professor in Ancient Greek Literature
University of Crete
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Kostas Vlassopoulos

Associate Professor of Ancient History
University of Crete

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