Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Department of History of Technology

The History of Technology Research Unit is dedicated to the study of the role of Technology and Science in Mediterranean societies and cultures from antiquity to modern times. The research team have special interests in the history of tools, techniques, materials and artifacts; the history of ideas about technology; the history of technological networks, systems and infrastructures (Energy; Water; Transportation) the history of engineering; the history of technical and scientific expertise; the history and policies of intellectual property; the history and policies of innovation and industrialization; science and technology policy.

Research team maintains research and academic link to Humanities and Social Sciences with other research units of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, as well as with other national and international research groups, networks and Universities. The IMS-History of Technology Unit encourages collaboration and works closely with the FORTH Research Institutes in order to highlight aspects of the social character of critical cutting-edge technologies and scientific methods (Computer Sciences & Information Technologies; Chemical Engineering & Materials Technology; Environmental Sciences; Nanotechnology; Biotechnology), developed by the latter.


Christos Karampatsos

Postdoctoral researcher
Curriculum vitae

Spyros Tzokas

Postdoctoral researcher

Christos Hadziiossif

FORTH Distinguished member, Professor Emeritus of Modern and Contemporary History
Department of History and Archaeology, University of Crete