Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Ruby Sleeman

Research Assistant
Department of Linguistics, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Department of Linguistics

Ruby Sleeman is a PhD candidate in General Linguistics at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, since 2017. Her doctoral research “The syntax of ordinal superlatives” in the project “Nominal Modification”, funded by the German national research foundation DFG, focuses on the morphosyntax of Dutch expressions containing ordinal numerals and superlative adjectives (“the second-highest mountain”). Her main research interests include morphosyntax (minimalism/generative syntax), specifically of the nominal domain; numeral expressions, language variation and change, corpus linguistics, and the interaction between syntax and semantics. She obtained her Research MA in Linguistics from Leiden University, the Netherlands (2017). During her MA studies in Leiden, she was a teaching assistant and additionally worked as a research assistant on the project “Language and Number” at the KNAW Meertens research institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, building a crosslinguistic typological database of morphosyntactic variation in numeral expressions (funded by the Dutch national research foundation NWO). In April 2022 Ruby Sleeman joined the interdisciplinary research project “Modeling Glossogeny”, funded by the HFRI, as a research assistant. She has presented her research in various international conferences and workshops (SLE, SinFonIJA, IGG, ATINER, DeMiNeS Masterclass, a.o.)