Institute for Mediterranean Studies
Saint John the Russian (ca. 1690-1730) and the spread of his cult

Seraïdari, Katerina. "Saint John the Russian (ca. 1690-1730) and the Spread of his Cult." Chronos, n. 42 (2021): 1-29

This paper examines the development of St John the Russian’s cult in Cappadocia, and more specifically the historical and social conditions as well as the interests and intentions that played a role in its stabilization and diffusion. Encouraged by the representatives of the Greek Enlightenment who wished to give impulse to the “Hellenization” process and defend Orthodox faith against Protestant missionaries’ influence, this cult received a new impulse after the intervention of Russian monks at the end of the nineteenth century.

  • Κατερίνα Σεραϊδάρη