3rd meeting of the European program EUROMED II - Patrimoines partages.

Friday 20th February 2004 saw the third meeting of the European program EUROMED II - Patrimoines partages in Rethymno in the conference hall of the Institute.

This program began in 2001 as an attempt by a group of architects from various Mediterranean countries to document the common architectural heritage of the Mediterranean.

The program was organised by URBANA (a collaboration between the National Research Centre of France/CNRS and the Francois-Rabelais Centre of the University of Tours) and is co-ordinated by Mercedes Volait and Romeo Carabelli. There are 15 members who represent the academic, academic and professional sectors of nine Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece (institutional body: IMS/ITE), Spain, Italy, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia.

During the course of the program, the national committees from each country decided on four annual meetings in four of the nine countries officially participating in it. The countries selected for these meetings are: Egypt (2002), Italy (2003), Greece (2004) and Morocco (2005).