Presentation on «ACRE: applications and potentials» by Prof. Rob Allan (ACRE Manager, Met Office Hadley Centre, UK)

Οn Thursday 9th of June 2022at 12:00 (Greece time) Prof. Rob Allan (ACRE Manager, Met Office Hadley Centre, UK) will give a talk on «ACRE: applications and potentials».

The International Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth (ACRE) Initiative ( oversees, undertakes, curates, and facilitates historical global surface terrestrial and marine instrumental weather data recovery, imaging, digitisation, and curation.  It ensures that these data feed into the international repositories responsible for such material, and that they provided the best quality and quantity of weather observations for assimilation into all historical and contemporary global reanalyses or reconstructions of 4D weather (e.g., The Twentieth Century Reanalysis [20CR]).

In my presentation, I will firstly outline the full nature of ACRE and its role as the prime driving force behind the ongoing international rescue of global historical surface instrumental weather observations and their enhancement of global historical reanalyses.

Then, for the bulk of the presentation, I will discuss the various applications that the ACRE-facilitated 20CR has already been used in, finishing with details of a number of potentials that I believe could be developed through the use of 20CR - on Mediterranean to global scales.