Lecture by Andrea Colli on «Business History: Complexities and Comparisons»

The Institute for Mediterranean Studies/FORTH invites you to a lecture by

Andrea Colli
on Business History: Complexities and Comparisons

Tuesday, 2 April at 20:30
IMS Lecture Hall, Nikiforou Fokas 130, Rethymnon

(poster can be seen here)

Business history is a relatively new field in the broader area of economic history, and history more in general. Through the longitudinal, and comparative analysis of business leaders' choices and decisions, and of their organizational responses to the challenges generated by market, technological and institutional changes, business history also aims at responding to more general queries as those concerning economic growth and development, processes of convergence and divergence, and the shifting economic, and political leadership in the long run. Business history is, of course, not only a way to address issues concerning the economic sphere but is a powerful and privileged point of view in order to understand the broader realm of social history. Business enterprises and entrepreneurs in general continuously confront themselves with radical changes in the social structure, in demographic trends, but also in culture and norms, which provide both opportunities and challenges. The seminar, based on a textbook jointly written by Franco Amatori and Andrea Colli (Business History. Complexities and Comparisons, Routledge 2017) will provide a general overview of this fascinating area of historical studies.

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