Institute for Mediterranean Studies

The aim of the Interinstitutional Graduate (M.A.) Program in Theater and Film Studies, jointly organized and run by the Department of Philology of the University of Crete and the Institute for Mediterranean Studies, is to advance scholarship on the history and theory of theater and cinema. The Program combines the study of these related fields in modern times, on the national and international levels, aiming at an in-depth understanding of key aspects of Greek culture in conjunction with the international cultural and historical developments. An objective of the Graduate Program is to prepare researchers qualified in the critical understanding and scholarly appreciation of theater and cinema in order to be employed in the public and private sectors, participate in competitive research programs and pursue doctoral studies for a career in universities and research centers in Greece and abroad.

The Program's research interests in theater concern multifaceted archival and art material, including plays, manuscripts, and data about performances; the history of playwriting, theater direction, set and costume design, acting, theater architecture and various forms of folk theater; theater theory; and the reception of ancient drama. With regard to cinema, the Program focuses on archival research on and historical and aesthetic analyses of films, documentaries, and screenplays; the study of film direction, set and costume design, acting, musical accompaniment, and movie theaters in their social and historical context; film industry issues; film theory; and the reception of antiquity. The graduate program also places special emphasis on the relations between theater and cinema and between these two and the other arts.

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Required Material for the Entrance Examination to the Graduate Program in Theater and Film Studies