Institute for Mediterranean Studies

At the El Greco Centre there is a photo archive for the study of the work of El Greco, as well as art in Crete and Italy 16th-20th C, and art in Spain 16th-20th C.

The photo archive was expanded in recent years with the digitalisation of most of the artist´s works and with slides donated by the Kunsthaus of Zurich and the National Gallery of London.

  • Database for the study and classification of the work of El Greco (a. authentic works, b. workshop paintings, c. works attributed to him). Here have been collected and presented the viewpoints of eight major Greco scholars (M.B.Cossio, A.L.Mayer, M.Legendre, H.E.Wethey, T.Frati, Camon Aznar (ed. 1970), J.Gudiol, J.M.Pita) as found in their relevant monographs.
  • Archive of papers on El Greco.
  • Press Archive of the Centre.
  • Press Archive of the exhibition "Alexander the Great in European Art."