Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Eleni Apostolidou

Laboratory of Geophysical - Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeo-environment

I am Eleni Apostolidou, I graduated as a Civil Engineer from the Frederick University of Cyprus. During my bachelor’s degree, I took lectures about Waste Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Energy Design of Buildings. Further my interest in Environment and Energy led me to take a master’s in Sustainable Energy Systems and complete a series of seminars in Energy Auditing.
Because life is about connecting dots, this is how my previous working experiences contributed to the person I am today. I worked in customer service for several years, this helped me to improve my communication skills, patience, and working under pressure, as well as being a team player. My working experience in Altamira Real Estate Company as a property valuer and a sales officer gave me knowledge about the real estate market in Cyprus and different sales techniques. Furthermore, I worked as an intern (Typhoon HIL, SERG Frederick University, Tartu Regional Energy Agency) to expand my expertise in Energy Field.
I think of myself as a creative and sensitive person, that loves exploring new places and ideas. During my free time I enjoy playing music, therefore I am a member of a philharmonic orchestra, reading books, and traveling, which makes me an easily adaptable person.