Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Joyce Goggin

Research Associate
University of Amsterdam [Universiteit van Amsterdam]
Centre of Maritime History

Joyce Goggin is a senior lecturer in literature at the University of Amsterdam, where she also conducts research in film and media studies. She has published widely on gambling and finance in literature, painting, film, TV, computer games and comics. Her most recent published work includes Comedy and Crisis: Pieter Langendijk, the Dutch and the Speculative Bubbles of 1720. With Frans de Bruyn, Liverpool U.P., 2020, “You are here: The Handmaid’s Tale as Graphic Novel” (Adaptation and the Protean Poetics of Margaret Atwood, Palgrave, 2021), “Magic and Illusion: From the Tarot to the Playing Card.” (Illusion and Cultural Practice: Productive Deceptions, Routledge), and “Framing John Law: G(u)ilt, Fiction, and Finance”, in Moralizing Commerce in a Globalizing World: Multidisciplinary Approaches to a History of Economic Conscience, 1600–1900, Oxford UP, 2022). She has just finished translating Umberto Eco’s “Homo Ludens Today” [Homo Ludens Oggi], with F. Gobbo, upcoming in Game Studies. Together with Gelina Harlaftis, she has also recently completed an edition of Evdokia Olympitou’s 2011 book, Aegean Sponge Fishing and the Island of Kalymnos: An Ethnography and Industrial History, translated from the Greek by Michaela Stergiopoulou.