Institute for Mediterranean Studies
Pria Louka

Pria Louka

Fullbright Grantee
Department of Theatre Studies

Pria Louka graduated from Princeton University in 2020, receiving her B.A. in Chemistry with certificates in Hellenic Studies and Materials Science and Engineering.

In 2020, she was awarded a Fulbright study/research grant to Greece to study the connections between the modern Greek and American theatrical traditions of the 1950s and 60s, focusing on the influence of George Theotokas (1906–1966), a director of the Greek National Theater who visited the United States in 1952 and built enduring relationships with American playwrights, scholars, actors, and artists. To implement his vision for a broader Greek theatrical landscape, Theotokas was inspired by American models of experimental theater and community. For the current academic year 2021-22, Pria will pursue her grant by working with researchers and making use of the archives housed at the Institute for Mediterrean Studies and the University of Crete in the island’s city of Rethymno to uncover the untold narrative about this influential cultural exchange.