Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Research Projects

E-market-path E4

E-market-path E4: Online Routes on the E4 Trail (Rethymnon-Paphos-Larnaca)

In the framework of the project the Laboratory developed a dynamic webpage for the path E4 of the prefecture of Rethymno combining multimedia, databases and Geographical Information Sustems (GIS).

Sikyon Survey Project

Sikyon Survey Project

The project is concerned with the geophysical investigations which are being carried out at the archaeological site of Sikyon.

Neolithic Thessaly

Re-evaluation of the Dynamics of the Thessalian Neolithic Period: Habitation Patterns and Resource Management

The goal of the research project was the development of methodologies for the registration and mapping of the Neolithic settlements of Thessaly through geomorphological approaches and the use of Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS.



Aim of the project is the development of an Expert System for the Monitoring, Management & Protection of the Natural  Landscape & Environmental Resources of the Island of Crete.


Egeria: Mediterranean Medieval Places of Pilgrimage

The project focuses on pilgrimage sites, the immovable and movable pilgrimage monuments that are interspersed in the Mediterranean landscape and its aim was the establishment of a network of cooperation for the documentation, preservation, enhancement and promotion of pilgrimage monuments.


InteractiveGraveyard Information Management Tool & Virtual MemoriamDatabase

The e-MEM project seeks to create the foundation for a tool that enables ubiquitous exchange of graveyard and related information over the web.


Interactive System for Improving the Release of Tourist and Historical Data - DIAVATIS

Aim of the project is to create an interactive information system for the management and promotion of the cultural heritage and the natural environment of the islands of Greece.


Advanced techniques for SEismic RISK reduction in Mediterranean Archipelago Regions

SE-RISK aims to develop a general and modular methodology for creating earthquake-risk scenarios that concentrates on the distinctive features of Mediterranean Archipelago towns and sub-regions, including both current and historical buildings.



Archimedes focuses on the development of contemporary and integrated methodologies that would control the pollution caused by places of sanitary burial of waste.



The objective of the project is the development of an integrated system of seismic risk management in Greece.

The Production and Exchange of Stone Tools: Recapturing Neolithic Cultural Heritage in Southern Balkans

The Production and Exchange of Stone Tools: Recapturing Neolithic Cultural Heritage in Southern Balkans

The proposed project aims towards the creation of a computerized tool for the integration and dissemination of knowledge concerning the technology and the exchange of stone tools in the southern Balkans (Bulgaria and the Aegean).

The Pediada survey project

The Pediada (Omphalion Pedion) survey project

The Pediada survey is an interdisciplinary project, based on fieldwork carried out between 1982 and 1989 by the archaeologist Nikos Panagiotakis, in the Pediada region in central Crete, , with permits by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Since 1999 the Project has been supported by a large team of experts in various fields.

Priniatikos Pyrgos

Geophysical and Geoarchaeological Project at Priniatikos Pyrgos and within the Istron Area, Mirabello, Eastern Crete

A Geophysical and Geoarchaeological Project at Priniatikos Pyrgos and within the Istron Area, Mirabello, Eastern Crete


Byzantine Heritage Network: Rehabilitation, highlighting and management in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin - ByHeriNet

ByHeriNet aims to create a collaborative network for the preservation and promotion of Byzantine Cultural Heritage.


Discovering "Magna Grecia" (DI.MA.)

The scope of the project is the creation of tools for the protection of the cultural heritage and of the network of I Parchi LetterariR both local and transnational, for the development of sustainable tourist activities.

Digital Crete

Digital Crete: Mediterranean Cultural Itineraries

Digital Crete aims towards the creation of a cultural information system, consisting of digitized documentation and information regarding the cultural heritage of the island of Crete, from prehistory to the modern periods.

Minoan Peak Sanctuaries

Minoan Peak Sanctuaries

The main goal of the project is to investigate the place, role and evolution of Minoan peak sanctuaries in their broader cultural and natural landscape.

Shared Heritage

Knowledge and Know-How on 19th and 20th c. Architectural and Urban Heritage in the Mediterranean

The project aims at improving the knowledge on the architectural forms and urban heritage of the 19th and 20th century in the Mediterranean, in view of helping at its development.