Institute for Mediterranean Studies


Digital Educational Geoinformatic Methodologies for Monitoring Landscape



Main objective of GEOLAND will be to explore and develop procedures for the effective participation of Higher Education students and Professors in decision-making for landscape management, planning and protection of NATURA 2000 sites across Europe. On the basis of this Assessment, the capabilities of geospatial technologies (Earth Observation and Geographic Information Systems) to be employed in pedagogies will be exploited. The project aims to support the incorporation of Earth Observation, GIS and crowdsourcing approaches in landscape and ecology studies of Higher Education institutions. In this context GEOLAND will highlight the role of low-cost state-of-the-art geospatial sciences in landscape monitoring studies.

Project Team

Dimitrios Alexakis

Assistant Researcher
Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS
Curriculum vitae

Christos Polykretis

Postdoctoral researcher
Curriculum vitae
Supported by Erasmus+