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Fulbright Research Grant

Fulbright Research Grant

The aim of this project is twofold and is divided into a research and a lecturing module regarding traditional geophysical prospection methods and electrical resistivity tomography in archaeological research (theory and applications)

The purpose of the project was twofold and was divided into a research and a lecturing module. The research part involved the implementation of state-of-the-art three-dimensional (3-D) Electrical Resistivity Tomographic (ERT) techniques in solving demanding geophysical problems with vital archaeological and anthropological interest, like the prospection of tumuli or mounds. Within this module, diverse strategies for field data collection and modified inversion techniques were validated and the methodologies were tested in theoretical and practical level. The lecturing program covered subjects regarding the application of different geophysical methods in archaeological prospection, the implementation of more sophisticated geophysical techniques (ERT) within a theoretical and practical perspective and the presentation of integrated case studies covering demanding archaeological problems (mound investigation, urban geophysics, investigation of hearing and viewing places). The impact of this visiting scholar program included the creation of communication networks among Greek and USA scientists and students working on interdisciplinary subjects aiming to cultural resources management.

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