Institute for Mediterranean Studies

A seismotectonic study for the Heraklion basin in Crete (Southern Hellenic Arc, Greece)

In the context of the present work the spatial distribution of the seismic activity around Crete Island in the Southern Hellenic Arc for the period 2003-2007 is studied. Especially in the period July-October 2007 about 600 events of low and moderate magnitudes have been indicated. Most of these events are located near coast and onshore of Crete. Additionally, we studied the relation of the earthquake epicenters with specific fault zones for the Heraklion basin. GIS techniques were used fo r mapping the distribution of earthquake epicenters on the va rious topographic and geological features of the area. Maps were created through interpolation algorithms. Spatial tools and statisti cal analysis were exploited to examine the correlation between earthquake loci and faulting orientations. The distribution of the epicenters indicates that the near coast and onshore seismicity is closely associated to the Crete tectonics. Especially for Heraklion prefecture the epicenter distribution is related to E-W, NE-SW a nd NW-SE striking faults.

  • Apostolos Sarris