Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Geophysical Prospection Survey of an Ancient Amphorae Workshop at Tsoukalia, Alonnisos (Greece)

At Tsoukalia, Alonnisos, there are substantial remains of a 4th century BCE transport amphora production site, consisting of dense surface scatters of ceramics and kiln debris. Typological studies have shown that Tsoukalia, together with other major coastal amphora workshop centers in the area of Sporades islands, participated in a trade network extending up to the Black Sea. The archaeological investigations in the area of the workshop, initiated in 1999, included surface survey, ethnographical studies, topographic mapping, geomorphological studies and geophysical survey. Geophysical techniques included magnetic (both fluxgate gradiometer and caesium gradiometer) and electromagnetic techniques and the application of the ground penetrating radar. Geophysical prospection was employed to locate areas of specific archaeological interest and map the subsurface architectural remains of the site, enhancing the reconstruction of the diachronic land use of the site and the wider area of interest and contributing to the further understanding of the economic patterns of ancient Ikos.

  • Apostolos Sarris