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Halcyon Days in Crete Ι
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ISBN: 978-960-7309-58-7

Elizabeth Zachariadou (ed.), The Ottoman Emirate (1300-1389). Halcyon Days in Crete I: A Symposium Held in Rethymnon, 11-13 January 1991, Rethymnon: Crete University Press, 1993.

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The transformation of a small emirate into the powerful Ottoman empire, which succeeded that of Byzantium and constitutes an impact on the western Christian world for several centuries, remains a phenomenon with a variety of aspects. The theories of the great historians M. F. Koprulu and P. Wittek, both put forward in the 1930s, have recently been challenged. On the other hand, recent findings and subsequent studies have provoked further discussions with new arguments, and provided additional explanations. The role of dervishes has been stressed. Coins have been found which shed new light on the humble findings of the fourteenth-century Turkish emirs. New texts have been discovered while tahrir-defters have clarified early institutions. The Institute for Mediterranean Studies organised a Symposium focusing on a re-examination of the history of the Ottoman emirate and this volume contains seventeen papers presented at it.

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