Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Nikos Tsivikis, “A Lord’s Prayer inscription from Amorium and the materiality of Early Byzantine Christian prayer”, Anatolian Studies 72 (2022), 195-207.

This article presents an analytical study of a rare example of the text of the Lord’s Prayer inscribed on an early Byzantine ceramic plate that was found in excavations at Amorium. The graffito inscription is discussed in detail and the text identified securely with the Lord’s Prayer as preserved from the Gospels of Mathew and Luke. It is an extremely rare find in Asia Minor. At the same time, the inscribed vessel is examined as an object within its possible context, ecclesiastical, domestic or other, through comparison with other known examples. Finally, the article discusses the possible uses of the Lord’s Prayer in day-to-day life and the materiality of prayer for Christians during the early Byzantine period between the fourth and seventh centuries. 

  • Νίκος Τσιβίκης