Institute for Mediterranean Studies
Routes of Russian Icons in Greece and the Balkans (16th – 20th c.)
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ISBN: 978-2-9557042-1-9

Yuliana Α. Boycheva, (επιμ.) Routes of Russian Icons in Greece and the Balkans (16th – 20th c.), Σεσέλ: La Pomme d’or, 2016.

The present volume brings together selected papers from a colloquium held in Rethymno at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies - Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas in January 2014.

Thirteen art historians, historians and philologists focus on portable Russian icons circulating in the Balkans during the Early Modern and Modern periods.

The papers investigate the creation, patronage, paths and routes of these artifacts, as well as the various facets of their reception in the Balkans in the framework of public and private religious piety.

This volume represents the first attempt to examine the transfer and reception of the Russian icons preserved in various churches, monasteries, private and museum collections in the Balkans as a discrete element of the region’s visual culture, to and inscribe the study of these icons in the social and cultural context of their host societies.

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