Institute for Mediterranean Studies
Agriculture and economic development in Greece, 1870-1973
ISBN: 9780415424875

Socrates Petmezas, "Agriculture and economic development in Greece, 1870-1973", Pedro Lains & Vicente Pinilla (επιμ.) Agriculture and Economic Development in Europe since 1870, Routledge: Explorations in Economic History, Abingdon 2009, pp. 353-374.

Whilst many books on the European economy have focused on the analysis of its industrial sectors, this book draws attention to the often ignored contribution made by the development of European agriculture over the past two centuries. In doing so, the authors adopt a revisionist perspective on the subject, addressing the lack of coherent study of the agricultural sector and reassessing old theories about the links between agricultural and economic development.

In focusing on those countries which by 1870 still had a large agricultural sector, namely, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Greece and Turkey, this book determines the role of the agricultural sector in the economic development of Europe. These chapters demonstrate how the rate of development in the agricultural sector depended on specific industrial, political and market conditions; the diversity of ways and timings through which transformation was achieved is also considered.

  • Σωκράτης Πετμεζάς