Institute for Mediterranean Studies
Ευγενή παχύδερμα και πάσχοντες εργάτες
ISBN: 978-618-82026-9-6

Nikos Potamianos, Noble pachyderms and sufferer workers, ASINI, 2016

This book consists of articles and lectures written in accordance with the rules of historical science, but also with the ambition to intervene in today's debates on racism, the demolition of the social state, the revival of fascism, the concept of populism, market regulations, ethnicity and nationalism. Topics covered include: - the establishment of the Sunday holiday and the permanence of civil servants in 1909-11 - the definition of the concept of "populism" and its use in interpreting the cooperation of right and left radicals in 1909-10 - anti-profiteering legislation from 1916 et seq. - conflicts within the working class and the demand for "national preference" of the locals over refugees in 1914-16 - the perceptions of the nationality and internationalism of the first Greek socialists - fascism in inter-war Greece Also included are texts and lectures on October 28, March 25 and the Technical University holidays, which always give the opportunity to report on current issues.ευγενή-παχύδερμα-και-πάσχοντες-εργάτ

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