3 Lectures with a common topic of “Conflicts during the national-state building” by Dimitris Kousouris, Nikos Sigalas, Dionysis Tzakis.

The series of online lectures organized by the Institute for Mediterranean Studies-FORTH about the Greek Revolution of 1821 continues on Monday, April 19, 6 p.m. (GMT+2), with three lectures on “Conflicts during the national-state building”.

Dimitris Kousouris, assistant professor in Universität Wien, will speak on “The Catholics of Syros in front of the challenge of nation-state”. Nikos Sigalas, researcher in CETOBaC, EHESS-CNRS, will speak on “The 1821 chieftains between traditional and modern repertoire: clash and revolution”. Dionysis Tzakis, assistant professor in the Ionian University, will speak on “Disputes and conflicts about the military and political unification during the first years of the revolution”.

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