Worskhop to present results of the research action "Soundscapes, Sonic Experience and Modernity in Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean History (19th-20th c.)"

Despite the fact that modernity and modern social transformation have been since many decades at the center of historical research in the Balkans and East-ern Mediterranean, the record of sensory phenomena has been almost entirely neglected. This is especially, but not exclusively, true of the sounds and sound-scapes preceding the development of sound reproduction technologies. The pre-sent workshop aims to present some of the results of the research action “Soundscapes of Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Cities, 18th- early 20th c.” of METOPO Research project and provoke, with the participation of distinguished guests, an international and interdisciplinary discussion addressing questions of methodology and theory concerning the relationship between soundscapes, son-ic experiences and history during the 19th and 20th c.

Friday, 27th of August 2021, time 18:30
IMS Lecture Hall
Nik. Foka 130. Rethymno

* Access to the IMS-FORTH premises for the workshop will be restricted, according to anti-COVID 19 regula-tions, to persons with certificate of complete vaccination or certificate of overcome COVID-19 disease. The use of masks and antiseptic is compulsory. (max. capacity 20 persons).

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