Lecture by Jesse Obert with the topic "Violence and State Formation on Crete in the Age of Hoplite Warfare, c. 700-400"

This lecture introduces Jesse Obert's PhD dissertation. The project explores the relationship between war and politics on Crete between approximately 700 and 400 BCE. The first Greek city-states probably developed on Crete in this period, and the Cretans invented many military techniques and technologies that would come to characterize ancient Mediterranean warfare. I argue that the evidence for Cretan warfare reveals an elite ideology rather than real inter-state violence. This ideology shifted and adapted as new economic technologies and political institutions changed how Cretans organized their communities. Cretan warfare had three distinct phases: an open and collaborative phase, a restricted and individualistic phase, and a regulated and wealth-oriented phase. Throughout these phases, Cretan elites monopolized and appropriated organized violence as a mechanism for identity crafting. This has dramatic implications for ancient Greek history and our understanding of the roles of violence and violent actors in the development of these communities.

* The lecture will take place at IMS Conference Room (Kalos Ontas) on Monday, 22 November, 2021 at 12:00 PM (Athens). Access to the IMS-FORTH premises for the workshop will be restricted, according to anti-COVID 19 regulations, to persons with certificate of complete vaccination or certificate of overcome COVID-19 disease. The use of masks and antiseptic is compulsory. (max. capacity 7 persons).

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