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AutoGR-Toolkit version 4.0 

**Change log**

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AutoGR-Toolkit is a set of modules to improve, facilitate and speedup the process of images georeferencing.

AutoGR-Toolkit, and the embedded tools (GGrab, AutoGR-SIFT, GeoRef-Filtering, GeoTiff-Converter and AutoGR-Photogrammetry) are distributed for free and can be redistributed (free of charge). It is recommended that users download the toolkit directly from this website and subscribe to the dedicated Google Group page for updates and issues support/features requests.

For operational information and application, please have a look at the included HelpFile. Also check regularly for updates (button available in the top menu of all modules) and patches on our website.

A short description of the AutoGR-Toolkit modules:


Allows you to save a georeferenced orthophoto/satellite image (for personal and research purpose) of the area of interest from freely accessible WMS servers.

GGrab and GeoTiff Converter use the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL)


Automatically produces ground control points for image georeferencing.

It is based on the automatic image matching in Computer Vision (OpenCV with image matching 'contrib non-free' modules, optimized and compiled from sources) as an implementation of the David Lowe's SIFT algorithm (


AutoGR-SIFT usually produces thousands of points in a few seconds and this module lets you reduce this number to a more manageable one.


It extracts geographical information from a geotiff file and it produces a .jpg/.png/.tif with respective worldfile.


Using the global digital terrain model available online or a DEM provided by the user, this tool provides users with the facilities to extract X, Y and Z coordinates for each location in the world. It also allows to generate Agisoft Metashape, VSFM and sfm_georef points for photogrammetric 3D models georeferencing in complete automation.

Thanks to Gribouillis and pyTony from the Daniweb's Python Forum and all beta-testers for their immeasurable support for the creation of some special functions in this software.

IMS-FORTH provided the facilities and technical support to develop and finalize this set of applications.

OpenCV code and specifically developed scripts derived from that library, have been compiled against Visual Studio 2015 (64 and 32 bit versions).

If you are running Windows Vista or you experience problems executing the program, try installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package and/or the Windows 10 Universal C Runtime.

If the problem persists, feel free to contact the author of the program (see the email below) for assistance.

In case of problems, requests/wishlist or feedback, feel free to contact the author of AutoGR-Toolkit:
Gianluca Cantoro // gianluca.cantoro [at]

Please also consider the dedicated google group for support related issues.


3-D Inversion of surface ERT Data

Download 3Dinv

User's manual (pdf 1.8MB)

3DINV is a program for the three-dimensional (3-D) inversion of surface Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) data in order to automatically determine a 3-D resistivity subsurface model. The program performs smoothness constrained (Occam's) inversion in order to address the non-uniqueness of the inverse problem and stabilize the procedure. The subsurface is divided in homogeneous and isotropic hexahedral elements and a 3-D Finite Element Modeling (FEM) routine is employed to calculate the resistivity response of 3-D bodies. The adjoint equation technique has been incorporated into the FEM scheme to calculate the Jacobian matrix. An iterative method (LSMR) is used to update the resistivity model though the inversion iterations.

This work was supported by ArchaeoLandscapes-ArcLand: Europe European multiannual project (2010-2015) - European Commission - Directorate General Education and Culture, Programme « Culture » (2007-2013). 2010-2015

For any problems or remarks on the program contact: Dr. Nikos Papadopoulos // nikos [at]



CataThumb (BKMF) version 1.6

Download CataThumb

This is a free software (distributed "AS IS") that will allow you to easily create an Excel file for cataloguing photo-sorties trough a windows GUI.

Its name comes from CATAlogue and THUMBnails (BKMF is an internal code and it was the first name of this software).

Given a folder with photos (JPG or NEF), CataThumb creates an XLS file with preview of photos, LatLong coordinate (if stored in the EXIF of the photos), Project name, flight date and keywords.
CataThumb will create also (only if coordinates are available) a KML file with a GPS track and photo previews.

In case of problems, requests/whishlist or feedback, feel free to contact the author of CataThumb: Gianluca Cantoro // gianluca.cantoro [at]

Please also consider the dedicated google group for support related issues.