Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Yannis Gonatidis

Ph.D. candidate
Department of Mediterranean and Global Economic and Social History

Yannis Gonatidis was born in Kavala in 1983. He studied History at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Ioannina, where he received his MA in Contemporary Greek and European History in June 2014.

He has been a PhD candidate of Modern Greek History at the Department of History and Archaeology at the University of Crete since September 2014. His dissertation deals with “The Social History of Health and Disease in Hermoupolis, Syros (1821-1914)”.

He has worked as a research associate in the research projects "The Craft of Tinsmith in the 20th Century. The Case of Georgios Hadzilaos” and “Chios Mastic Gum: Oral Testimonies of the Workers” of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, as well as in classification and recording programs of historical archives of industrial companies. He was the scientific director of the program for locating, recording and classifying the Historical Archive of Madena.

He has participated as a postgraduate scholarship holder / researcher in the following research projects at IMS/FORTH:

(i) “METOPO – Mediterranean Cultural Landscapes”. Sub-project: Mining Landscapes in Greece, 19th-20th c.

(ii) “ELISTOKAINO – Greek History of Innovation. The Social Preconditions of Innovation. Aspects of the Greek Experience”. Sub-project: Engineers, Industrialization and Modernization, 1830-1940.

Since April 2020, he has been a researcher in the research program “Geography of Surveillance. Lazarettos and Quarantine Services in the Greek State, 1821-1923”, in the framework of the Act "Supporting Researchers with Emphasis on Young Researchers - Cycle B".

His overarching areas of interest cover social history, social history of health and disease, and urban history.

Selected Publications