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Biography as a source of Theatre History: biographies of Greek and foreign actors in the Greek and the Diaspora press from the 19th century to the Asia Minor Catastrophe. A contribution to the history of acting

The research project will focus on the identification, collection and processing of biographies and portraits of Greek and foreign actors in magazines, newspapers and annual calendars published in many cities of Greece (Athens, Syros, Mytilene, Patras etc), but also in the urban centers of the Greek Diaspora (Cairo, Alexandria, Constantinople, Smyrna, Philippopolis, etc.). The material will be classified chronologically, will be listed and analyzed. The data will be inserted into electronic databases and the results of the project will be disseminated through an anthology of biographical texts and with the presentation and publication of relevant articles in scientific journals and conferences.

Principal Investigator (Scientific Responsible): Constantina Georgiadi

Funding: Operational Program" Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning, Support of researchers with emphasis on young researchers, ESPA 2014-2020.

Research Team: Tanya Neofytou, Vania Papanikolaou, Maria Sehopoulou

Project Team

Constantina Georgiadi

Principal Researcher, Department Coordinator Theatre and Film Studies
Curriculum vitae

Tania Neofytou

Postdoctoral researcher

Vania Papanikolaou

Postdoctoral researcher
Curriculum vitae

Maria Sehopoulou

Postdoctoral researcher