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Greek merchant shipping and navy (1821-1831)

Project Scientific Coordinator: Katerina Galani
Academic Supervisor: Gelina Harlaftis
Funded by: The Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Research Team
Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Director of Studies, National Hellenic Research Foundation
Dionissis Tzakis, Assistant Professor, Ionian University
Sofia Laiou, Associate Professor, Ionian University
Dimitris Kontogeorgis, Lecturer of Modern Greek History, University of Cyprus
Dr. Simos Bozikis, Ionian University
Ekin Mahmuzlu, Lecturer, Arel University and Işık University
Dr. Efrossyni Nomikou, Evgenides Foundation

Ph.D. and graduate students
Minas Antipas, University of Crete
Vangelis Sarafis, University of Athens
Kostas Halimourdas, Ionian University


The research project addresses the role of the merchant and naval fleet in the successful outcome of the Greek Revolution and during the first years of the formation of the Greek State, co-examining, for the first time, its economic and military function. The project brought forward the continuation of merchant shipping during the years of war, the complementary use of ships as merchantmen, warships and privateers and the importance of these activities in the economy of a waring nation and a fledging state.

A thorough study in the historical archives of Greece, the ports of Western Europe, the Black Sea and Turkey, sheds light on different aspects of the composition of the fleet: its institutional organization by the Provisional Government, its financial operation, the multiple uses of the ship, the connection of the fleet with the maritime communities. At the same time, the project incorporates the Ottoman perspective of the Greek Revolution, by placing emphasis on the developments in the ottoman Navy and its commercial fleet under the pressure of the Greek War of Independence.

The deliverables of the project are:

  1. A collective volume that includes the contributions of the researchers that participated in the project. The book entitled Greek Shipping during the Greek War of Independence: the merchant and naval fleet (1821-1831) is forthcoming from Crete University Press
  2.  The diffusion of the research findings through several publications. Indicatively stating here:

Project Team

Gelina Harlaftis

Gelina Harlaftis

Director of IMS-FORTH, Professor of Maritime History
Curriculum vitae
Katerina Galani

Katerina Galani

Postdoctoral researcher
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