Institute for Mediterranean Studies


An international academic network for research, education and outreach in archaeological prospection

 International Thematic Network, Ghent University- Partner

PROSPECT intends to assemble diverse international expertise on archaeological prospection and associated disciplines to instil a shift towards a more integral investigation of the archaeological record, as well as a more sustainable use of derived results. As its primary aim, the network strives to foster continuous research development and change stagnant governance traditions that hinge on archaeological prospecting. Our network aims to realise such shifts by optimising combinations of methods and datatypes to increase the scientific and socio-economic revenue of archaeological practice. By providing high-quality, evidence-based education to future archaeologists and prospectors, we hereby aim at a foundation for enduring impact. PROSPECT extends beyond methodological innovation by linking prospection practice and outcomes to theoretical frameworks and perceptions of heritage across society, which it assures though stakeholder interaction.

Project Team