Institute for Mediterranean Studies

A new interactive FFT-based grid suturing technique applied to ground geophysical surveys in Greece

The utility of compiling potential field surveys is well documented and varies in scale from continental-scale projects to assess global tectonics, to local surveys of a few meters in size to evaluate environmentally or archaeologically important sites. A single survey covering the whole area of interest with uniform data quality, station spacing and data reduction parameters is a luxury that is rarely available. What is more often the case is that areas of particular interest in any given survey lie at the margins of the data set, necessitating either further acquisition, or the stitching together of adjacent existing surveys to give the best possible coverage. This merging of surveys is a vital step in the processing and analysis of survey results, which is too often both time-consuming and inaccurate. This paper will present an example of merging a number of small-scale survey blocks using a newly developed automatic grid suturing process.

  • Apostolos Sarris