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Μνήμη Πηνελόπης Στάθη. Μελέτες ιστορίας και φιλολογίας [In memoriam Penelope Stathi. Studies on History and Literature]
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ISBN: 978-960-524-307-4

Kostas Lappas, Antonis Anastasopoulos, Elias Kolovos (eds), In memoriam Pinelopi Stathi. Studies in History and Philology [in Greek], Herakleion: Crete University Press, 2010.

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This volume, dedicated to the memory of Pinelopi Stathi, contains 29 papers by her friends and colleagues, organised in five parts and covering a wide thematic field. Among others, they investigate themes related to the institutions of the Ottoman state and the Orthodox church, the economic activities of Christians and Muslims under Ottoman rule, social life, the ideological and political use of history, Christian-Muslim and Greek-Turkish relations in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; also, aspects of early Greek and Arabic literature, Greek education in the Ottoman Empire and the Greek state, as well as religious life. A special part is devoted to Istanbul.

Pinelopi Stathi (1947-2008), researcher in the Centre for Research of Medieval and Modern Hellenism of the Academy of Athens, collaborated closely with IMS and chaired twice the organisation committee of its international symposia, “Halcyon Days in Crete”.

The volume is in Greek, with abstracts of the papers in English or French.

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