Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Elvanidou, M.; Trigkas, V.; Papadakis, G.; Papazoglou, M.; Peraki, E.; Chetzoyiannaki, N.; Sarris, A.; Karimali, E.; Kouriati, K.; Katifori, M.; Kakoulaki, G.; Kappa, E.; Athanasaki, K.; Papadopoulos, N., "A Web-GIS Approach to Cultural Resources Management in Crete: the Digital Archaeological Atlas of Crete", 35th International Conference of Computer Applications in Archaeology: Layers of Perception (CAA2007), April 2-6.

The Digital Archaeological Atlas of Crete, part of a larger campaign (Digital Crete: Mediterranean Itineraries), was implemented under the framework of the Greek Operational Program “Information Society”, part of the “eEurope” initiative of the European Union which is funded by the 3rd European Community Support Framework. A program module was constructed in order to create a database warehouse for cultural heritage sites on the island of Crete in the South Aegean Sea. A combination of internet-accessible databases, web-GIS techniques and multimedia, provides for the integrated and wide dissemination of cultural information, while contributing to a better understanding of the cultural environment and the influence of the natural environment on the history of the settlement of Crete.

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