Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Kokkinaki, M.; Elvanidou, M.; Karimali, E.; Kastanioti, M.; Katifori, M.; Sarris, A.; Lazaridou, O.; Peraki, E.; Trigkas, V.; Chaviaras, G.; Chatzoyiannaki, N., "Διαχείριση Νεκροταφείων Μέσω Τεχνικών GIS & Διαδικτύου", 9o Εθνικό Συνέδριο Χαρτογραφίας: Χαρτογραφία Δικτύων – Χαρτογραφία μέσω Δικτύων, 2-4, pp. 359–366.

The program Management of Cemeteries through GIS and Internet techniques constitute part of a larger research program, e_Mem, which was carried out under the framework of e_Content of the European Union. As a result of the program was the creation of a management tool for the european cemeteries, consisting of databases and geographical data used for providing services and information for the spatial context of the cemeteries. The particular program targeted to the wide exchange of information through the internet in order to fill the gap that exists among cemetery operators and the wider public. The program aimed towards the creation of a common platform for the unification of the data regarding the different policies, data directives, and information provision independently of the cultural context of the cemeteries.

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