Institute for Mediterranean Studies
New Trends in Ottoman Studies: Papers presented at the 20th CIÉPO Symposium, Rethymno, 27 June–1 July 2012

This collective project is the publication of the proceedings of the 20th symposium of the International Committee of Oriental and Ottoman Studies (CIÉPO-Comité International des Études Pré-Ottomanes et Ottomanes), held in Rethymnon on 27 June-1 July 2012 by the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Crete and the Institute of Mediterranean Studies of the Foundation for Research and Technology. Of the 224 papers presented at the conference, 83 were submitted for publication and included in this volume, which aspires to highlight the new trends that exist today in the field of Ottoman historiography. The volume is divided into six thematic axes under the following titles: a. Economy and Finances, b. Institutions and Elites, c. The Ottoman Provinces, d. Inside a Wider World, e. Culture and Ideology, f. Fine Arts, Architecture, and Archaeology.

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