Institute for Mediterranean Studies
The Economic Development of Southeast Europe in the 19th century

S. Petmezas (& Edhem Eldem), The Economic Development of Southeast Europe in the 19th century, Athens: Historical Archive of Alpha Bank, 2011, 137-172.

The volume “The Economic Development of Southeastern Europe in the 19th Century” which was edited by S. Petmezas, Associate Professor at the University of Crete, and E. Eldem, Professor at the Boğaziçi University, constitutes a continuation of the Alpha Bank Historical Archives’ publishing activity and, at the same time, fills an important gap in the literature. The economic development of Southeastern Europe has not been the object of systematic study until the present day. At the international conference organised by the Historical Archives in 2006 at Corfu, distinguished Greek and foreign historians and economists presented their papers on the characteristics of economic growth in Southeastern Europe during the 19th Century, on an aggregate basis and per country but also per business sector, thus contributing to the creation of an original publication facilitating the understanding of the economy of the region.

  • Σωκράτης Πετμεζάς