Institute for Mediterranean Studies

Jordi Ibarz Gelabert

Visiting Scholar
University of Barcelona
Centre of Maritime History

Jordi Ibarz (Barcelona, 1962) is a professor of Modern History at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Barcelona and member of the research group “Work, Institutions and Gender”. His main research interests are on labour history, especially that referring to dock workers and glass workers. 

His dissertation topic was about labour relations in the port of Barcelona during Francoism, but his current research looks towards a more distant past. He works with the aim that our research of maritime labour in the Nineteenth Century can help us to understand the emergence and reproduction of the capitalist system. He is the formal Research Head of SeaLiT Barcelona team, responsible for technical aspects of the research, supervisor of the PhD student Eduard Page, while in the project his research will focus on dock workers in the port of Barcelona, 1850s-1920s.

Selected Publications